Welcome to Punk.Network!

The high-performance NFT-friendly mainnet for decentralized apps and assets on Polkadot🌌

Punk.Network is a leading NFT-friendly mainnet on Polkadot based on Substrate architecture with NPoS (Nominated Proof-of-Stake) as consensus mechanism. Punk.Network also reached a strategic cooperation with CMGE Tech Group Ltd.,(00302.HK), and obtained the exclusive authorization of its flagship game "Red and Blue" as a leading product to expand the NFT game market. Built by Punk, we have a dedicated team with years of experience who are committed to the NFT community and growing the NFTCastle.


🛕 NFTCastle.io

Top stream IP + cutting-edge copyright asset aggregator and Asian user-friendly trading platform in Metaverse.

👩🎨 CyberSpace

You can meet other collectors that share their experiences and exchange resources of quality NFT collections, creating a social world dedicated to Punk.Networkers.

🎲 CyberPledge

NFTCastle.io is committed to vigorously develop NFT-type asset finance and derivatives, and maximize its financial potential.

🖼 CyberSpecial

A Specialized NFT issuance Platform.

Key Project Information

Token : PUNK

Symbol : $PUNK

PUNKToken: TBA​​